Project Background

The Task Force on Transitional Housing has been established under the Transport and Housing Bureau to proactively assist and facilitate various short-term initiatives proposed and implemented by the community/ non-government organisations (NGO) with a view to increasing the supply of transitional housing to 20,000 in 2020. To facilitate such transitional housing initiatives, the Funding Scheme to Support the Transitional Housing Project by NGO has been set up to alleviate the poor living conditions and the long waiting time for public housing of the low-income groups.

In response to the Government initiative, Henderson Land Development Company Limited initiated the largest transitional housing scheme in Hong Kong by lending to Pok Oi Hospital a site in Kong Ha Wai, Yuen Long at a nominal rent of one dollar for 7 years. The project covers a total area of 480,000 square feet, including the aforesaid private site (97.4%) and a small portion of government land (2.6%), targeted to serve the low-income groups who have been waiting for public housing for over 3 years or are currently living in inadequate housing. Henderson assisted Pok Oi Hospital in project planning, site formation as well as project management; Pok Oi Hospital, on the other hand, is responsible for project construction and non-profit-making operation.

Project Objectives

Leveraging on the experience of Pok Oi Hospital in serving the community over the past century and its established local network, the provision of transitional housing services will help improve the living quality of the underprivileged.

Supporting Government's housing policy to provide transitional housing in the short term, Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village can help relieve the pressure of families living in undesirable environment and waiting in the long queue for public housing.

Project Features

There are 1,998 residential units in the Project, including 1,124 units for 1-2 persons, 824 units for 3-4 persons and 50 units for 5-6 persons or accessible units; it is expected to accommodate approximately 6,000 residents. Besides providing basic amenities, medical services and social services, Pok Oi Hospital will unite the residents to build an inclusive community, to establish a mutual support network, and to create a harmonious and caring neighbourhood.

Project Description

The project consists of eight 4-storey residential blocks and two amenity blocks, providing a total of 1,998 residential units. MIC construction method are adopted in this Project, each unit contains a separate area for toilet, shower and kitchen to meet the various needs of the residents. The Project will house an approximate of 6,000 residents at any one time.

The two amenity blocks occupy a total area of around 20,000 square feet to house a Chinese Medicine clinic, a Western Medicine clinic, a dental clinic, a district health center, an information technology resource center, canteens, supermarket et cetera.

Property management company will be employed to provide professional management services in Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village. Pok Oi Hospital will be responsible for overseeing the performance of the service provider to ensure the provision of a safe, hygienic and comfortable living environment for the residents.

Service Target

  • Type A : Individual or family awaiting Public Rental Housing (PRH) for no less than 3 years *
  • Type B : Family with special housing needs (e.g. living in inadequate conditions etc.)

*Applicants’ household information (a family of 1 to 6 members) must be as same as that of contained in their PRH application.