About Pok Oi Hospital

Founded in 1919 Pok Oi Hospital has always lived by its motto – “We Love, We Care, We Serve” – striving to provide quality medical and social services to the community at large. In those early days Yuen Long was just a backward rural area and medical services were a rare commodity. Local community leaders who were prompted by the real demand for readily available medical services to match the need of the locality established Pok Oi Hospital to provide free medical as well as charitable services to nurse and comfort those who were desperately in need.
Through the combined efforts of the Hong Kong Government, our past directors of the Hospital and distinguished members of community, Pok Oi has developed into a reputable charitable organization providing medical, social and educational services.
As the complexity of society and the demand for diversified services goes hand in hand, the Hospital now operates extensive services spreading out all over Hong Kong. These services include: Chinese Medicine Services, Dental, Education and Social Services. The number of beneficiaries is up to 1,500,000, which suits the needs of people from all walks of life and demonstrates loves and caring to the community.