Project Description

1998 Units

Residential units

People benefit from the project

The project consists of eight 4-storey residential blocks and two amenity blocks, providing a total of 1,998 residential units. MIC construction method are adopted in this Project, each unit contains a separate area for toilet, shower and kitchen to meet the various needs of the residents. The Project will house an approximate of 6,000 residents at any one time.

The two amenity blocks occupy a total area of around 20,000 square feet to house a Chinese Medicine clinic, a Western Medicine clinic, a dental clinic, a district health center, an information technology resource center, canteens, supermarket et cetera.

Property management company will be employed to provide professional management services in Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village. Pok Oi Hospital will be responsible for overseeing the performance of the service provider to ensure the provision of a safe, hygienic and comfortable living environment for the residents.

Project Location

The project is located at Kam Sheung Road, Yuen Long. It occupies a site area of approximately 480,000 square feet and is around 1,000 meters away from Kam Sheung Road Station.

Flat type

1-2 Persons Flat

152 sq. ft.

(Internal Floor Area)

3-4 Persons Flat

229 sq. ft.

(Internal Floor Area)

5-6 Persons/ Accessible Flat

323 sq. ft.

(Internal Floor Area)

Licence Fee (i.e. Rent)

  • The monthly licence fee (including management fee and rates)
Non-Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Household:1–2 persons flat ($2,130 per month)
 3-4 persons flat($3,190 per month)
 5–6 persons flat /accessible flat ($4,510 per month)
Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Household:Maximum rent allowance under CSSA Scheme for the corresponding family size
The licence period (i.e. lease term) is 2 years (might have an option to renew)

Project Timeline

The project will be developed in two phases. The Construction works for Phase 1 (Phase 2) commenced in March (September) 2021 and is expected to be completed in March (September) 2022. Application for leasing Phase 1 residential units was completed in December 2021. The leasing exercise for Phase 2 will be commenced at 2nd/3rd quarter 2022.