About Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village

No. 71 Kam Sheung Road, Yuen Long, New Territories

Transpor-tation Route Drop off point
MTR Tuen Ma Line Kam Sheung Road Station
Bus 64K、251A、251C San Ma Lo Pat Heung Station
Green minibus 71 (Yuen Long (Tai Hang St.) / Lui Kung Tin)) Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village
Green minibus 72 (Yuen Long (Tai Hang St.) / Lui Kung Tin)) Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village
Red minibus 23 (Yuen Long (Yu King Square / Sheung Tsuen)) Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village

Note: Pok Oi Hospital will keep communicating with relevant government departments to strive for more feeder routes
There are two amenity blocks in the Village providing the following services:

Floor Amenity Block 1 Amenity Block 2
G/F -Supermarket -Canteens, self-service laundry
– Property management office
– Elderly service centre
– Integrated medical centre (for Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine and dental service)
1/F / – IT resources centre
– Family development centre and health centre

Yes. A property management company is appointed to carry out daily property management duties for the project; their professional staff are committed to maintain quality security services and to ensure a hygienic and pleasant living environment in the Village.

Flat Details

Flat type Internal Floor Area
1-2 persons 152 sq. ft.
3-4 persons 229 sq. ft.
5-6 persons / Accessible flat 323 sq. ft.

  • 4-storey residential blocks constructed with MiC units, no provision for lift.
  • Separate areas for toilet/shower and cooking are provided in each flat.
  • Gas water heater, window-type air conditioner, doorbell, socket outlets, LED tubes, window frames, kitchen’s exhaust fan, low cabinet for kitchen (excluding 5-6 persons/accessible flat), kitchen sink and tap, washing machine connection point, clothes hanging rod, bathroom’s exhaust fan, bathroom sink and tap, wall mirror, towel shelf, toilet bowl, shower set, toilet roll holder, sprinkler head and smoke detector are installed inside the residential flat (subject to the fixtures, equipment and domestic appliance stipulated on the Tenancy Agreement).

The monthly rent (including management fee and rates) will refer to the rent allowance of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme and will not exceed 25% of PRH’s maximum income limit for the corresponding family size.

Non CSSA Recipient CSSA Recipient
1-2p Flat 3-4p Flat 5-6p Flat / Accessible Unit Refer to the Rent
Allowance of CSSA Scheme

Monthly Rent: $2,130

Discounted Monthly Rent: $1,917 (for the first 24 months)


Monthly Rent: $3,190

Discounted Monthly Rent: $2,552 (for the first 24 months)


Monthly Rent: $4,510

Discounted Monthly Rent: $4,059 (for the first 24 months)

The rent will include management fee and rates BUT exclude any utility expenses, the latter shall be borne solely by the tenants.
No animal or pet is permitted in the flat.

About Application

Application is NOW open; flat allocation is available while stocks last.

  • Type A Applicant: Individual or family awaiting Public Rental Housing (PRH) for no less than 3 years *
  • Type B Individual or family living in inadequate conditions or with special housing needs

*Applicants (a family of 1 to 6 members) awaiting for Public Rental Housing for no less than 3 years are required to hold a valid blue acknowledgement card issued by Hong Kong Housing Authority (“Blue Card”). The information of the applicant and his/her family members provided in this application must be as same as that of contained in the aforesaid PRH application.

Example: An applicant applied the PRH in 2017 and updated the information in 2019, is he/she qualified to be a Type A Applicant?

Answer: Yes. The date of initial application will be considered. The applicant is qualified as long as he/she has been awaiting for PRH for 3 years before 1 December 2022.

Please visit the Housing Bureau website for application details.
Please visit the Housing Bureau website for application details.
Please visit the Housing Bureau website for application details.
No, this project is aimed at providing transitional housing to the applicants for PRH; it is independently from PRH application. Your PRH application shall be processed in accordance with Housing Authority’s prevailing PRH application policy and procedures.
If you or any family member included in your application has been pregnant for 16 weeks or more, the unborn child will be counted as one of the family members.
No, the relationship between the applicant and the household member(s) must be relatives.
Average Monthly Household Income in the Past 6 Months equals to the sum of income earned by each of the family member in the past six months divided by 6.
Applicants can fill in the declaration form (POH can provide a template) or visit the Home Affairs Department to proceed the Administration Declarations/ Oaths for Private Use.
No, applicant can only choose the flat type according to his/her family size.
Yes, applicants need to update their PRH applications with Housing Authority if there is any change in the status of their family members prior to submitting application for this project.

Applicant can contact our Enquiry Hotline during the service hours : 2482 3909
Hotline Service Hours : Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm;
Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
(except Sunday and public holidays)

Applicants shall bring along all the required supporting documents (both the originals and one set of photocopies) for qualification vetting and verification when they are invited to attend the vetting interviews.
POH will complete the processing of the application and notify the result of the application within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application form by the Housing Bureau.

Show Flat

Yes, the Show Flat is located at Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village. Please call our enquiry hotline 2482 3909 for the arrangement of a booked visit.

Vetting Interview

  • Upon receipt of application from the Housing Bureau, POH will notify the applicant of his/her application number (randomly assigned by computer) via SMS message within 7 working days.
  • Applicants will be invited to attend the vetting interviews accordingly.

The vetting interviews will be held in Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village and POH will inform the eligible applicants individually.
Applicants and their family members aged 18 or above need to attend the vetting interviews together.
No rescheduling will not be arranged. Applicant who fails to attend the vetting interview shall be deemed to have given up his/her application.

  • Applicants and their family members aged 18 or above need to attend the interviews together.
  • Applicants shall bring along all the required supporting documents (the originals and one set of photocopies) for vetting at the interview.
  • A completed application form (if applicable).

Flat Allocation and Signing of Tenancy Agreement

Flats will be allocated (randomly assigned by computer) to eligible applicants while stocks last; Type A applicants will have the priority in flat allocation.
Flat is randomly assigned by computer.
No, successful applicant will only have one chance for flat allocation. If applicant voluntarily refuses to accept the allocated flat, the said flat will be redrawn by computer in a random manner and be allocated to other eligible applicants according to the predetermined priority.
Yes, but Applicant can cancel the signed contract and apply for refund of payment within the “Cooling-off Period” (i.e. 3 days from the Date of Flat Allocation) at Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village. No refund will be made after the “Cooling-off Period”. POH’s staff will explain the details upon flat allocation.

Tenancy Agreement

The intake of Phase 1 residential flats commenced in May 2022; the intake of Phase 2 residential flats commenced in December 2022.
A 2-year lease term (might have an option to renew).
If the lease cannot be renewed, applicants can apply other transitional housing project in the Scheme. Applicant shall vacate and return his/her allocated flat to POH upon lease expiry.

  • By giving no less than one month’s advanced written notice to POH, tenants can terminate the TA, and vice versa.
  • Upon allocation of PRH, the TA shall be terminated automatically. Tenants shall surrender the allocated flat to POH within 2 months after receiving allocation for PRH.

Other Enquiry

The Board of Directors of Pok Oi Hospital offers a 24-month rent discount for Non-CSSA residents.